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Compose mail with Mouse on Gmail


Compose mail with Mouse

Here is good news for people who are fade up of constantly typing email on their computer,Google has recently added new feature to Gmail for its users.They can send mail by writing it with the help of Mouse instead of typing.Many cool features have been incorporated to email by different service providers.This feature includes theme,unlimited storage space,etc.In all the other services you have to type the text you want to send.Google has provided this new feature for Gmail users.By far it is the most attractive feature.

Gmail Setting Menu
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 Gmail provides user the facility to send mail in different regional and international languages.You can change the writing language from setting menu.Setting option can be found on the top right corner of your Gmail homepage. 

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After you have entered the settings menu click on the “Show all Language Options”.Click on the “Enable Input Text” in General setting.Now you can select any language from the list.You can choose between Hindi,Marathi,Urdu,Punjabi,and other regional and international languages.Remember to click “save changes” at the bottom of the page for changes to take effect.But typing on keyboard in some languages is difficult than others.Google has solved this problem by allowing users to write text by the roll of Mouse.Google does the conversation and forwards it to intended recipient.

[General Setting : Enable Input Tool]
 You can add different languages to your input tools.You can choose to write a language using keyboard or using mouse.To add any language either double click on it or you can also add it by click the horizontal arrow botton marked in the box.

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[image : Input Tools]

 For writing email you will have to click on Compose.Compose appears as a dialog box on the bottom right side.You will see the languages you have choose listed in the “Input Tools” menu.Click on the button showing Pencil symbol.Following window appears.Write in the dialog box as shown and then select the appropriate word you wish to add to your mail by dragging the mouse over it.

For eg,if you want to write in English "Hi" then after select the option displaying pencil on it before sending email.A notice board will appear there you can write anything you want with the Mouse.Similar type of word will appear below.Select the appropriate word and click on add to use it in mail.If you want to add the word to subject or body then select respectively before writing.Like this you can add any no of words to dictionary for further use.This facility is also available on Google Doc.

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